thanks for buying the app. you should read (or at least skim through) this note to get a hang of how things work. △event  13:25 Sun, Jan 12 2014
just keep on scrolling down!

at the very least read about the keyboard!


creating new items
if you tap at the bottomright of the screen, you'll see a menu pop up. tap the + button, to make new ones.

editing items
tap an item, and a menu will pop up. tap the middle, and start editing!what the hell is with this keyboard?

the menu in general
when you tap things, things appear. shake the screen to see hints, or tap hold to see what they do.
you can slide some of them too, they do different things when you do that.

deleting items
on that menu, slide the "pen" icon to the left.
if you slide it to the right, it'll only strikeout the item.

undoing deletion
you can delete notes by sliding the X button to the right

the keyboard???

woah, why is the keyboard so funky?
it's a special keyboard. it lets you type so fast, you'll be typing faster on your phone than you are on a real computer keyboard.

instead of tapping when moving between different keys, just slide your finger!
for example in "things", don't strain your finger tapping all the letters, just slide them!

you can use two hands
start by typing normally. then, little by little, try sliding instead of tapping a letter.
for example in "american". it's pretty easy to get used to.

double tap words that end with repeated letters, like "guess"
so you can slide "gues" and finish with a tap on "s".
you still need to double tap on repeated letters though, especially at the end. not so much in the middle.
this actually lets you type and slide without having to choose what word you meant, like other slide keyboards.

correct previous words easily!
as you type, you can correct them! or slide the menu more, and you can add things to the dictionary as well!

type super comfortably!
besides reaching super fast typing speed, you'll find that it's so much better to type like this. comfortable, and you don't have to look at the keyboard as much!
soon enough you'll be typing while looking at the text you're typing instead of the keyboard!.

advanced stuff

if you slide the screen left/right, you can navigate to the folders or tags page.
items belong to folders, and you can make new notes

every item can have a tag. for example, tap this thing, and then slide the leftmost button to the right. you can then select a tag (or create a new one) and assign it.
you can view items of a specific tag from the tags view.

tag icons & colors
you can also assign icons and colors to tags. tagged items will share color strips with the tags.
the tags also can have two kinds of icons! one that appears on the strip, and another that appears on the note.

inbox & global timeline
there's an inbox and global timeline folder you can access quickly from the bottom menu.
inbox is where your new items *should* go. global timeline is where items with dates associated with them appear.

item alarms
if you set your item as important/starred, they'll have a different alert time if you set a time for them.
they'll also alert more than once, like 15 minutes before/after depending on star/important markings

items can have subfolders, which can have items inside it. unlimited depth as well!

tap and hold the bottomleft part of the screen. you'll be able to access the shortcuts menu, where you can quickly go to another list, or set the shortcuts themselves.

pinch out!
you can pinch out two notes in order to create a new one in between them!

you can backup your lists, go to the folders page and use the button on the topright to backup. send it via email or use dropbox, etc.
if you slide down from the top of the notes page, you'll be able to see when you last backed up. Don't wait too long!

so many other features
i could keep on writing about those, but you'll just be bored. don't be afraid to tap on buttons, they'll usually say what they do anyways.
and the app will warn you before you delete items with folders anyways.

photos and recordings

you can take photos and recordings!
give it a try. they can also be shared via email and such.
photos will display as monochrome, but if you tap on them you can see the original colored version.

you can record while the phone is locked!
you can also tap out and record while using other apps, as long as that app isn't playing music etc.

recordings and timestamps
if you go inside a note that's recording, and make notes in that subfolder, that note will automatically get a timstamp.
optionally, you can just add timestamp onto that note manually from the proofer menu.


you can set passlocks for notes!
check the passlock menu, they're somewhere.
three locks are given.

you can use the main lock to encipher save data
this means, when the app saves to disk, the data will be enciphered. the only way to read it is for you to enter the code everytime the app launches (which should only be every now and then).
but, this means if your phone got stolen they won't be able to analyze the data, or if you use cloud backup and it got compromised, they won't be able to read the contents.
unless they know the passcode that is.
the passcode is never stored on disk, only YOU know it.

rec lock & blue lock
two extra locks are given. they're just there so you can give some lists extra security.
you don't want your friends to see your "my secrets" folder while showing them your "my travel photos" folder.

life protips

Orange juice and expiry date
there was a rumour going around that orange juice tastes better the closer it is to its expiry date. It'd be cheaper too. Not sure about how true this is, apparently the rumour came from some guy who's pretty good at online games.


what do you think? mail me at!
or, go to the menu screen, and there's a button somewhere that you can use to mail me feedback really quickly!

got a feature suggestion?
yeah, mail me.

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